Video Converter

Video converter is an audio and video file format converter. Video converter reads a media file and maps the video or audio file data into another media file container such as avi or windows media video. Video converter can convert video file into an audio or another video file. Dozens of video and audio file formats are supported.

Video converter creates new good quality video or audio files. When the conversion process completes, one will not notice any quality changes. This video converter is quick when converting compared to most video converter software.

Video converter is very user friendly and has a four step on screen guide for the user. The first step requires the user to enter a file into video converter. This step has a button which lets you browse windows explorer to select a file from your video collection. The second step of video converter is for the user to select from a long list, an audio or video format to convert to. The default selection on the list is mp4. Step 3 has a converter button which begins the conversion process that can be followed by a progress bar. The final step of video converter has a button to open the directory containing the converted output file which has the same name as the original but in a different media format.

You can use video converter to convert flash video files, mp4 video, avi video, windows media video files, and much more into valid audio or video files such as mp3 etc.  This converter has great power as it supports over 30 media file formats. Video converter is robust with no bugs reported so far and produces stable and high quality media files.

This video converter uses a tiny amount of disk space for installation; only about 25 megabytes is needed. The converter process is lightweight and allows you to use other programs on your computer as you wait for it to complete. Video converter uses your computer’s memory efficiently and effectively without disturbing vital processes of your windows operating system.

This video converter is absolutely free to use, so don’t waste your time with paid software that don’t even work at all. Begin to convert your collection of video files as soon as you install this video converter.

As soon as you are ready, download the video converter and follow the installation wizard. Carefully read each installation stage including the license agreement. You may launch video converter immediately when the installation process ends.

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