Mp3 Converter focuses on an audio format which uses a lossy compression algorithm designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio for most listeners, that is MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, more commonly referred to as MP3.  Mp3 converter is an audio and video file format converter. Mp3 converter reads a media file and maps the video or audio file data into another media file container such as wave or windows media audio. Mp3 converter can convert to mp3 or from mp3 with more than 30 audio and video file formats supported. When converting to mp3, this converter works by reducing accuracy of certain parts of sound that are considered to be beyond the auditory resolution ability of most people.

Mp3 converter produces good quality audio files. After the conversion process, one will not notice any changes in the quality of sound involved. The size of mp3 audio files is usually smaller than most audio and video file formats which is an advantage in using this converter. This mp3 converter is absolutely free to use. It is very fast when converting compared to most mp3 converter software.

Mp3 converter is very easy to use and has a four step guide for the user. The first step requires the user to input a file into mp3 converter, whether an mp3 file to convert into another format or a file in another format to convert into mp3. This stage has a browse button which lets you select a file using windows explorer from your video or audio collection. The second step of mp3 converter is for the user to select a media format on a long list. The default selection on this list is mp3. The third step has a convert button which launches the conversion process displayed in time by a progress bar. The last step of mp3 converter has a button to open the location of the output file which inherits the same name as the original but is in a different media format.

You can use mp3 converter to convert flash video files, windows media audio files, wave files, windows media video files and much more into valid mp3.  This converter is truly very powerful as it supports so many media file formats. Mp3 converter is absolutely free to use, it is a fast converter that is robust and easy to use. The software is stable with no bugs reported so far and produces stable and high quality media files to or from mp3.

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