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ZIp files -quick, easy and free


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 Great products don’t make tasks complicated, but make complicated tasks simple. This zip unzip software is designed for novice computer users and people who are looking for quick, easy and simple software. Most zip and unzip software are flooded with many useless settings and features that you may never use in your life time. With Zip One Click Unzip installed on your pc, once you download your zip file all you have to do is click or double click on the zip archive and all files will be automatically extracted. This is one-click simplicity at its best and you will love it like many others do.

 Zip files to compress them and save yourself some disk space. When transferring data files over a network, it is best to archive the files into one zip archive which also has reduced file size. This is a faster way to send and a convenient way for your receiver to download the files. You can attach a zip file to an e-mail instead of the uncompressed file. The receiver will have to download and unzip the file to its original format using an unzip program like this one.

Zipping or unzipping a file is very easy depending on what software you are using to do the task. We recommend the following program which takes only a few seconds to download, easy to install and very easy to use.

This great tool is especially designed for, novice users who are new to computer user interfaces, or anyone who is not interested to go through complicated interfaces just to unzip or zip a file.

The program's main dialog contains very simple instructions on how to zip or how to unzip files.

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Unzip files or zip files into archives. Zip compatible file archives can be created and unzipped with only a simple click.

Click on the download now button to download zip unzip program. Once the download is complete, browse to your downloads folder and run the setup executable file to install this zip unzip software program. Select your preferred language then accept the software license agreement after the welcome screen. Follow the install wizard while reading each screen carefully. Launch zip unzip software program on the last screen.

To start using zip unzip program, follow the simple steps on the screen for how to zip. Click or double click on zip files to unzip and view the files archived in them. To zip a file or a folder, browse to it and click on the zip button and that's it! easy.

That's how to zip with a simple and easy to use zip and unzip program.


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